NicoDerm® CQ® and Nicorette®:

Proven Smoking-Cessation Products

Nicorette Lozenge and Nicorette Mini Lozenge

Nicorette® Lozenge and Nicorette® mini Lozenge*

More than 2X higher chances of quitting smoking at 12 weeks1†

Proven efficacy in the most highly dependent smokers1‡

When using 9 or more lozenges per day, Nicorette® Lozenge doubled patients’ chances of quitting1

Dosing Information and How to Use Nicorette Lozenge

Dosing Information and
How to Use

Advise patients to read and follow label directions. Behavioral support may increase their chances of success.

Dosing Information and How to Use a


Educational tools to help your patients on their journey toward smoke-free lives.

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* Based on bioequivalence between the Nicorette® standard lozenge and mini lozenge.

When using 9 or more lozenges per day versus placebo.

A single-center, double-blind, parallel-group, randomized, placebo-controlled study was conducted in otherwise healthy smokers who reported smoking ≥20 cigarettes per day. Subjects participated in 2 visits: a screening and a Craving Provocation Visit where a single dose was administered.1


1. Shiffman S, Dresler CM, Hajek P, Gilburt SJA, Targett DA, Strahs KR. Efficacy of a nicotine lozenge for smoking cessation. Arch Inter Med. 2002:162(11):1267-1276.