NicoDerm® CQ® and Nicorette®:

Proven Smoking-Cessation Products

NicoDerm CQ Patch

NicoDerm® CQ® Patch

Doubles your patients’ chances of quitting.1* Provides sustained nicotine delivery over 24 hours 2,3 to your patients throughout their day.

Pharmacokinetics of NicoDerm® CQ®

Not all nicotine patches are the same2,3

It is important to recommend the NicoDerm® CQ®  Patch by name. The  NicoDerm® CQ® Patch is the only patch with time-release SmartControl® Technology.4

Diagram of a NicoDerm CQ patch


Covers nicotine and helps prevent nicotine evaporation

2 DRUG RESERVOIR          

Stores therapeutic nicotine, which helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long


Provides a steady stream of therapeutic nicotine to help prevent nicotine cravings


Contains a loading bolus to provide patients with nicotine right from the start 

Dosing Information and How to Use the Nicoderm CQ Patch

Dosing Information for
and How to Use 
the NicoDerm® CQ® Patch

Advise patients to read and follow label directions. Behavioral support may increase their chances of success.

Dosing information for and how to use a

An effective and easily portable solution for craving relief in social situations.


Learn about Nicorette Gum a

*As compared with placebo.
†Study design: A crossover study with 25 subjects assigned to receive treatment in random sequence to 4 test products: 4-mg gum, 15-mg patch, or one of two 21-mg patches. Subjects with patches were further randomized to wear the patch for either 16 or 24 hours daily for the 3-day treatment phase. Parameters were total nicotine absorbed (AUC0-24: area under the concentration curve [Cmax]), minimum plasma nicotine concentration (Cmin), and the time to reach Cmax (Tmax)3[3/Fant 2000/p482/col1/¶3]
Step 1 only.


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